Tuesday, April 23, 2013

TRR Celebrates 100,000 Visitors

100 Grand Never Tasted So Sweet!

Back on February 9th, 2011, TRR went live, and I wrote the following words:

"My goal with this blog is to provide fair, unbiased reviews of old and new books written for, by or about lesbians.  I want to discuss writing styles and approaches of various authors, talk about publishing companies, and focus on various issues, trials, and triumphs facing those brave souls with the guts, grit, and stamina to take on this niche market."
A few days later, when I had achieved only 11 visitors, I was contacted by a another blogger who had stumbled upon my site, and took the time to pass on encouragement and words of advice. As a courtsey, I went to his blog, and noticed that he had well over 100,000 visitors. "It will never happen for me," I thought.

I was wrong.

I know a lot of bloggers reach 100 Grand with much more speed and flare than I, but it is still a huge milestone for this twitchy little dyke and her quirky lesbian literature review site.

I want to really and truly thank all of the authors, publishers, readers, guest reviewers, commenters, and crackpots that stop by every day to read my homespun essays and esoteric ramblings about the books that make their way across my humble path. 

It's a pleasure and and honor to be part of this great community.

Thanks for stopping by,

Salem West
The Rainbow Reader


  1. I'm very proud that my very first book was reviewed on TRR.And even more proud of the important service you provide to readers and writers. Thanks for raising the bar on Lesfic reviewing and for showing us some wonderful and very different contributions to our genre. Here's to your next Candy Bar!

    I am even more proud to call you friend!

    1. Hey Barrett! Thanks for being one of my very first loyal readers, and supporting me through thick and thin! Love ya, sistah!

  2. I just want to say congratulations on reaching this milestone. I've come to trust your reviews and I always look forward to how you lead up to them. I never fail to learn something new. Have a wonderful celebration. I'll bet that you hit 200,000 before you know it.

    1. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence, that means so much to me, Mary Anne.

  3. Blame my Internet company for not congratulating you sooner! Nothing more fun than having a Rainbow Reader post in my inbox! Great work, Salem, as always.

    1. Bax, I have a very stern and pithy letter ready to send your IP...this is a quality outfit, here.